Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh Do a little song and dance before the introduction...Clear ya throat, and start ginnin'

Whiskey Magazine, issue # 37, (with Bill Murray on the cover) has published a story, by our very own, Chuck Cowdery. The title of this article is, Welcome to the Bourbon Bunker? The story is about Bourbon "Collectors". There are a couple of fantastic pictures of Omar and Mark in there Whitttttttt Whirlllllllll ...(case ya don't know my lingo, they just got whistled at, ya know, what all ya'll (Dudes) do when ya see a pretty lady?

Back to the subject.

It quotes Bobby Cox in there. High Five! Our Bobby, shooting it straight It's a, very good, make ya proud, kinda story. Specially, since they are members of this forum.

For those of you who don't know Omar, he's the guy in the picture right beside the Title, of the article. There is no caption beneath Omar's picture identifying him

Oh Well, Chuck, you did a excellet job and I look foward to seeing more of your insight into our world of Bourbon

Bettye Jo

P.S. Their link... whisky magazine