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    Re: Whiskey Magazine...Welcome to the Bunker?

    Now Ettan, you know that in America, you can't go to a journalism school or get hired by a publication without having your memory purged of any conservative ideology. Only a few lucky ones survive the virtual lobotomy with anything but a totally liberal view of everything and the shadowy outlook on everything that brings with it. Journalists for the most part see conspiracy everywhere and feel obligated to dig up a story to go with it. Don't be too harsh on a decent publication that at least half the time actually provides a service and publishes a gem from a real journalist like Chuck.

    Chuck, no matter how they plead, DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHT.

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    Re: Whiskey Magazine...Welcome to the Bunker?

    what did you all think about the "Tokyo Calling" article
    I agree, the article twisted me the wrong way a couple of times. And I thought the whole political spin on the last page was inappropriate. But I like the idea of Bourbon's image gaining ground.

    I also thought it was cool that the article mentioned a local band - My Morning Jacket. It said, " Louisville's My Morning Jacket all speak and sound like they know the inside of a Bourbon bottle."
    These guys record in a big barn in Shelby County.
    I was impressed,

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