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    Frankfort Distillery

    Ask and you shall receive...I asked about the Old Taylor place and recieved some really great and much appreciated information.

    My Aunt Jo gave this picture to me. It was stapled on some records about my Greatgrandfather Joseph L. Beam. I remember her saying that she is standing in front of what is left at the Frankfort Distillery. My question is, what building is it, bottling house, flathouse? I know she probably told me. I can't remember. There's nothing written on the back of the photo. It's instances like this, I would call her, and we would talk for at least a hour or so on various subjects of Bourbon History. I miss that terribly.

    This docment was one of Aunt Jo's favorites. It's written on stationary from, The Frankfort Distillery, Thos. W. Hindle, President...S.C. Miller Vice President...Wm. Veeneman, Treasurer...Executive offices Louisville Ky...Registered Distillery No. 33...Concentration Bonded Warehouse No. 25, Permit KY p-2.

    It's a very informative piece. A few interesting facts on it...David Beam lived to be 104 years old. He was the grandfather of Joseph L. Beam present directing authority of distilling operations in Frankfort plants and the great granfather of Roy M. Beam, Frankfort cheif operating distiller and his six brothers.---It tells how Roy and his brothers , who as children heard with awe and exctitement his accounts of battles with the Indians---It specifically states, his "six brother's"---Frankfort Distilleries, had the "entire" family working at one plant or the other throughout the years----at the end of this letter--->It reads, Three of Mr. Beam's sons are now associated with him in the Frankfort disilleries, Roy, Otis and Wilmer.

    Joseph L. Beam, father of the "Boys" at the the Frankfort Distilleries began work at the age of fourteen, in the Early Times Distillery near Bardstown, founded and owned by his Uncle, the late J.H. (Jack) Beam.

    At nineteen, Joseph L. Beam had charge of a distillery for his brother, Minor Case Beam at Gethsemani Kentucky. Even at his age the fame of his skill as a distiller had spread. He worked for a number of firms. In those days the disilling plants only operated a few months of the year, and Mr. Beam made a "crop" of whiskey for two or more firms in the same year.

    Pretty awsome stuff...He was just doing what came naturally to him. A young boy, doing what his instincts directed him to do

    Bettye Jo
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