I'm not as widely 'tasted' as many of you here, so I'm going to leave off some that I know others will (would) include simply because I haven't tried them yet. Additionally, I'm using some price points for some items that match what others have used -- Tennessee (the so-called 'sin' tax seems to be the only popular tax in the state legislature!) may be well-stocked with brands, but the prices here tend to be on the high side for many items, so what may cost some of you $20 is likely in the $25 range here.

Jan- Weller 12yo
Feb- Jim Beam Black
Mar- W.L. Weller Antique 107
Apr- Wild Turkey 101
May- ORVW 10/90
Jun- AAA 10yo
Jul- Evan Williams SB
Aug- Rebel Yell (Hey, I like it!)
Sep- Old Forester
Oct- Buffalo Trace
Nov- Old Charter 10yo
Dec- Old Charter 12yo

spring- ER 17yo
summer- ERSB 10yo
fall- Stagg
winter- VS Old Fitz 12yo

1- Sazerac Rye
2- Pappy 20