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Thread: Buffalo Trace

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    Re: Buffalo Trace

    Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen sensed salty in a bourbon. Nice Notes.

    Yeah, this is weird to me, too. I don't mean salty like sea-water, I sorta mean a sensation on the tongue that can be compared, I guess, to a very slight "saltiness". In this case, a sort of slippery salty sweet, right before the flavor opens up. I've noticed it in other whiskeys, too; a couple of foreign whiskies come to mind...

    There is no salt in bourbon, right? So, how does one account for this? Has anyone ever sensed saltiness in a bourbon, besides me? Maybe it's the way it triggers the salivary glands, or something...

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    Re: Buffalo Trace

    Did you eat/snack on anything right before/during the drink? Just a thought... I've never tasted 'saltiness' but hell, I guess one could taste just about anything, everyone perceives tastes different; That's why it is so hard for people to outright disagree with another's tasting notes.

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    Re: Buffalo Trace

    A terrific rollicking entry into the descriptive tasting exeperience...I like the use of the ballet metaphor...BT glides over the tongue... like a figure skater to Swan Lake! It remains my favorite pour.



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