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    Michters US1 Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey *Tasting Notes*

    I have been trying to find this bourbon since around last October after trying the new Michter's US1 Unblended American Whiskey and liking it. I was told it would be out in 04' and sure enough, during a visit to LeNell's 2 weeks ago it arrived! In-between opening this bottle and that Michter's US1 Unblended American Whiskey I had a bottle of Michter's 10 year old Single Barrel Bourbon and was disappointed so I was nervous but thankfully the (new) Michter's name has redeemed itself.

    Name: Michterís Single Barrel US1 Straight Rye Whiskey 4 Years Old

    Info: Michterís Barrel 4A-R5.

    Distillery: Bottled by Michterís American Whiskey Co. Bardstown, KY

    Cost: $25.50 at LeNellís in Brooklyn NY.

    Proof: 84.8 Proof, (42.4% Alcohol by Volume).

    Bottle: Rather nice and unique looking bottle with a thick flared neck around the wood topped cork. Same bottle is used in bottling Michterís US1 Unblended American Whiskey. Also, see photo below.

    Color: This one was a little deceiving. In the bottle it appears significantly darker then once poured into a glass. In the bottle it has a dark amber hue with contrasting yellow effects but once poured it is generically yellow.

    Body: A little on the thin side; It is lower proof than what I am usually accustomed to so that may add to its Ďthinnessí. Rather then the drips fading away nicely after some swirling, they faded into spots.

    Nose: Well, you can tell that it is a rye as some of the more traditional bourbon components are not present. This is different than Sazerac or Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye in that I do not get a Ďsoft subtleí bouquet. Itís not bad or overpowering by any means, it just has more of a traditional rye nose. Nice though, I like it.

    Taste: Itís got a bit of bite to it thatís for sure. A bit more pungent than I am used to in a rye but then again I am comparing it to Sazerac and VWFR Rye which I find to be more pleasant and mild. Still though, knowing it is a rye and expecting some spiciness I still like it. Not to sound fruity, but last night I thought I tasted something like lilac or lavender for a split second. It was dogmatic and well rounded.

    Finish: Methanol. Yeah thatís a good word to describe it!

    Overall: For the price point and it being a new product I was pleased with it. I have heard from several other people that the 10 year Michterís Single Barrel Rye is very nice, but I have yet to try it. After having this new 4 year variant I will definitely make purchasing a bottle of the 10 year a to do. I am usually not a fan of heavily ryed bourbons because I do not care for a lot of spiciness. That leads me to not care for ryeís that often such as Jim Beam rye or WT Rye so I lean towards Sazerac and VWFR Rye. But this bottling is a perfect median right in the middle of the frenzy.
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