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    Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    Lots of people on here have the Reidel glasses, or one of many other expensive and/or hard to find tasting glasses that they use. I'm sure they're great, and I do appreciate fine glassware, but I'm a broke college student, and I like to spend my bourbon budget on bourbon, not more glasses . So, after doing some searching, I've found 2 different glasses that I like quite a bit, and are quite inexpensive and attainable.

    The first were small snifters I found at Crate and Barrel, in the $5 each range.

    I like these quite a bit, they're very comfortable to drink out of and make a huge difference. In fact, out of sheer boredom one day I drank a Cherry Coke out of one of them. Finishing it out of the can, in comparison it tasted bland and stale.

    My newer find is in the picture below. I found these at Cost Plus World Market for $2 each. Nice thick glass, so I don't have to worry about breaking them as easily, and I like the look. They're just as easy to drink out of as the Crate and Barrel ones, unless you like to cup the glass in your hand and to that "swril the cognac" thing. I find the stem is a little too thick to be comfortable in that case. I don't have any idea how these affect taste relative to the other ones, but I do enjoy drinking out of them too.

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