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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    I have one Reidel glass, which do I like for drinking bourbon (or any other whisk(e)y. I got it at Whiskyfest, last year. However, I think that the price is a little too high, for the nice look, even if it is considered well suited for tastings. I would need a lot of glasses for the type of blind tastings I do with friends.

    I have found small, six oz. brandy snifters work well for boutbon tastings. I buy them from one of two resturant supply houses that are close to me here in Cincinnati. You have to buy them by the case or by the dozen, but, they end up about $1.80 apiece. I have four dozen of them! By the way, they are blown and not molded, like some cheap glasses tend to be.

    I do like the bottom glass (pictured) with the thick stem. It seems like it would do the job and I think the thick stem would fit well in the hand (although you tend to hold the bowl when tasting). The other two are similar to the glasses I buy, except the stems are a little longer (taller) and the bowls are more elongated.

    Good job, for a starving student! I wish I had taken up bourbon when I was in school. Smart student, to boot!

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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    My big problem, is that I saw on wineenthusiast.com or a similar site that has a newsstand magazine also, the reidel glasses were more than $100.00 a PIECE. !!!
    I've never seen any Riedel at $100 a glass. The sommelier grand cru series of Riedel glasses are the most expensive, running about $60-80 each. They're huge, handblown crystal glasses, though. The Burgundy Grand Cru glass holds 37oz! Of course, you're supposed to only pour a small amount in the bottom and not fill the whole thing up.

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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    Hi Guys.

    This is an interesting discussion, about Riedel glass. My brother-in-law used to sell Riedel stemware, so we know the Family. They are from Kufstein, Austria. We visited their factory a couple of years ago, and the thing that struck me the most is that George (owner) has a very interesting tour that investigates all the senses. It is really a great presentation, where you visit several rooms, each representing a different sense - touch, smell, sight, etc.

    He is very pursuasive in making a case for a different glass shape, size, weight, etc., for different kinds of drink. They hadn't come out with the bourbon snifter when I was there, unfortunately. George designs a lot, if not all, of the crystal.

    It was a terrific experience, and if you ever get there, ask them for a tour. It is fun. Kufstein is a terrific place, as well. They have a web page at Riedel Glass

    That is a nice choice of bourbons in those pics, by the way. I wish I could go back to college !!


    Jim McCarn

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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    Well, having just had a birthday I'm not quite so broke at the moment, so you guys have me convinced that I need to track down at least one Reidel bourbon glass, just for fun. I'm going to check some previous threads to track down a source, but any input is, of course, appreciated


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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.


    Someone, perhaps elswhere in this thread, pointed to an auction on eBay where a set of four glasses were being auctioned, with a minimum bid of $24.99, IIRC.

    I have since found two such auctions. I used eSnipe to place a bid of $24.99, but I didn't win either auction. In each case the winning bid was in the low 30's. I suspect that price will hold up as the seller continues to offer them one set at a time.

    I'm not sure how that price compares with that of a conventional source.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    I just looked on eBay and the guy who was selling sets months back in the low teens no longer has sets up for sale. A good thing never does last unfortunately. Even at $25, I think these glasses are worth it though.

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    Re: Inexpensive tasting glasses.

    I won one of the Ebay lots this week at $24.95. With shipping, it'll come to about $8 a glass. Figured that wasn't too bad.



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