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    Old Samuels Distillery, Feb. 28, 1954

    Old Samuels Distillery...Maker's Mark are one in the same.

    The 50th birthday of Maker's has passed...This picture, is very historical. I have asked around to see if any of these (or simular one's) are hanging at Maker's Mark. One would hope that there is, but nobody, that I have asked has seen this in their, "public historical history files". I hope I am "wrong" and that a simular one is hanging in clear view, for all to see...

    This was taken the first day they barreled "Barrel #1".

    The very small man in the front row to the left is my Uncle Elmo Beam. He was the distiller there. You won't hear that in Maker's Mark "so called" "grain of salt" history files. I also note that, Uncle Elmo, has overalls on...but underneath those overalls is a white shirt and tie

    Bottom row left to right...

    Elmo Beam, Tony Blair, Pat Greenwell, Ed Smith, Thomas Cambron Robert Mullins, Ted Shockenesy, Back row, left to right, Lee Kelty, unknown, Billy Fenwick, Top row, J.B. O'Daniel, Ed Medley, unknown, Raymond Osborne.

    Ed Medley...He was warehouse surperintendent at the time of this picture. He was the "First" employee that Bill Samuels Sr. hired. Bill Sr. specifically mentions Ed as the First employee. He also tells that Ed Medly, practically put the entire "distillery" back to operational again. He was a man of many trades. Another "name" lost in history.

    He died a Maker's Mark (heart attack). I work with one of his daughters. I always wondered, why she prefer's Maker's over Heaven Hill. He left 14 children behind. His name is on the very first bottle of Maker's produced. A great man in the "History of Bourbon", lost to early.

    Carmel, gave this picture to me. She got it from her mom. Her mom, has some stories to tell, and I'm gonna tell em here

    Bettye Jo
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