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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman
    Cherry bounce ... I'll try to find some recipes for you.
    A Google search for "cherry bounce" gets some good ones, including a little essay and recipe by Emeril. Many of the recipes use bourbon. It seems that it is traditional in Cajun country in Louisiana.

    Sounds interesting. Something to do when wild cherries ripen in the summer.

    "One never knows, do one?" Fats Waller, American Musician, 1904-1943

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman
    Chuck are you still coming to Sampler? I've got that Port Ellen 1979, 57.3% abv which I'll bring if you do.
    Alas, I'm afraid those plans have fallen through. The trip was intended to be a gift for my father, but he's had something else come up that weekend and can't go. And furthermore, he's asked me to take part in this other event he's involved in, so it doesn't look like I'll even be able to just come myself or with someone else. (Which may be for the best: my wife was okay with the idea of me coming to Kentucky to drink bourbon for several days as long as it was part of a father-son bonding experience, but I don't think I could come by myself and still preserve domestic tranquility. And unfortunately she is not interested herself.)

    Hopefully next year.


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    I'll hang to the Port Ellen, Chuck, another time (possibly in Chicago with Mr. Cowdery).




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