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    Re: NY Times Article

    Interesting. The Times article a propos dent corn describes it as corn with an actual "dent" in it (hence - no surprise - the name), denoting a soft-type corn suitable for grinding. I wonder, since modern distillers are familiar with dent corn, if even the generic field corn used by distillers today may in fact be closer to mid-1800's eating corn than modern sweet corn (setting aside for a moment the question of yield). In other words, maybe bourbon, in this regard, has never tasted better. .


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    Re: NY Times Article

    I saw the article as well and dropped an email to Anson Mills to see if they have a local outlet (I live in Columbia). Glenn Roberts emailed right back and told me to give him a call. He was very helpful and willing to set me up with some of their product.
    So are any distilleries considering a product from some of these heirloom varieties - or aren't they available on a commercial scale?

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    Re: NY Times Article

    I don't imagine the major distilleries would be interested as they regard grain as a commodity and don't feel there are differences significant enough to change the final taste of the product one way or the other, though with Buffalo Trace you never know. They're liable to try anything. Also, even if it doesn't really make a difference, it could be a good talking point for a micro-distillery.



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