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    Re: Rogue Chocolate Stout

    Oh - my - gawd... This beer had one of the darkest heads I have seen next to their imperial stout. It says it has real imported chocolate in it but I didn't really detect much a chocolate nose or taste in it. I am sure beer heads or those who have a more discernative palate will pick it out, but I didn't. Towards the end I thought I did, but I still say it was just my mind playing tricks on me telling me it was there. I have had a stout or two before I liked but this one just didn't do much for me. Which was very disappointing because I really though I would like it. A bit too overpowering in roasted/burnt flavoring for me. There was some hop bitterness present as well so for those who like stouts and hops this one may probably be more for you.
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