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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Black @ 80 Proof Now On Shelves

    The fact that at least in whiskey areas producers offer a range of proofs for the same brand must mean customers like the choice, but why? How do customers who realise there is a choice decide which one to buy, I wonder?

    You raise an excellent question. My thoughts:

    1) With VOB, the 100 proof version has a distinctive label. (Although clearly marked to those looking closely, I think the 86 and 90 could be more easily interchanged);

    2) WT 101 vs. 80 is labeled clearly.

    3) JD has not substanstially changed the label or bottle design in 30 years.

    Is proof preference a product of marketing? I wonder. I feel that the VOB bottlings are pretty much equal, but I discovered them without the aid of marketing.

    I have a strong preference for WT 101 VS. 80, but 101 is more aggressively marketed, in my opinion.

    Furthermore, JD changed proof 2 times since I started drinking it, and I never noticed.

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Black @ 80 Proof Now On Shelves

    Many thanks. Your thoughts are most interesting. I never noticed the change either in Jack. I did of course for Jack Single Barrel but that is a different product almost (single barrel vs. just a higher proof version of Jack). Maybe it is all a question of marketing, what the bottle looks like, and other such factors unrelated to perceptions of quality or value (i.e. getting more alcohol for less money when you buy the higher proof expression).




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