During my absence from home earlier today, my son, enroute from the airport to his home, dropped off a bottle of Suntory whisky, which he had brought back from his just-completed trip to Japan.

In addition to my fatherly disappointment at not being present to welcome his 6'4" frame back to the land of full-size living accomodations, I missed the opportunity to hear a description of the whisky. By now, he's undoubtedly sacked out, trying to get back to Sunday, never mind Pacific Standard Time. Rather than disturb him with a phone call, I resorted to a search of SB.com in the hope of learning about my gift. Nada.

Next I searched the web for "Suntory", only to find that most of the information that turned up was in Japanese. However, I did find the following page, which, while both charming and informative in an oblique way, told me nothing about what to expect when I open the bottle.

Can anyone give me a clue?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield