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    Beam Bicentennial Dilemma

    The citizens of Bourbonia have been so wise and hospitable since we stumbled into this territory a few weeks back, we thought we would humbly ask for your help in a decision.

    In 1995, just as we were really starting to appreciate American whiskey and stray beyond Jim Beam white label and JD #7 in terms of tasting experiences, we happened upon this Bicentennial botle of Jim Beam. We were at least educated enough at tht time to distinguish that this was different whiskey than our usual JB white - different proof and different age. Our decision? Different whiskey - let's try it. We did not have the foresight nor the funds to bunker another bottle. After about two thirds of the whiskey was consumed, we thought we would save the rest for a later date since this bottling appeared to be limited. Honestly, other than just generally enjoying it, we really don't remember much about the taste.

    So here we are in 2004. Only recently have we learned about the evils of oxidation, so I hope the whiskey has not suffered horribly. We now, more or less, have a "drinking collection." Overall, we feel that whiskey is meant to be enjoyed with more senses than that of sight. This is really the only whiskey in our collection that has been off limits for consumption this long.

    So we respectfully pose this informal poll: if this were YOUR whiskey sitting in your bunker, with your biases, your philosophies, what would you do with it?

    Drink it?

    Drink a little, save a little?

    Save it all in hopes of living long enough to do a taste comparison with the Beam 250th Anniversary whiskey in 2045?

    We would love to read your thoughts, and, as always, we appreciate your wisdom!
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