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    Louisville liquor stores

    Can I have a recommendation or two concerning liquor stores in Louisville? Which has the biggest selection (of bourbon, of course)?

    Are there any that focus not just on premium brands but also on regular brands? What about price, and (specific) location?

    I have heard about Liquor Barn, is that a good bet?


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    Re: Louisville liquor stores

    When I go to KY I pass right by Louisville and always make a quick stop at the Liquor Barn on Fern Valley Road (I believe thatís the right street name). It's right off the hwy I need to be on and has a great selection. I remember though that the LB in Lexington does have lower prices... Not by a lot but still somewhat less. Just not enough for me to justify the way I travel to the festival.

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    Re: Louisville liquor stores

    Yup, Liquor Barn is the place to go, for price and selection. They have several locations and a web site here.



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