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Thread: $80 Manhattan?

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    $80 Manhattan?

    I have to tell this story.....My wife and I went out for dinner and drinks last weekend in Seattle. We started at Tiny Biggs, an upscale Martini Bar near the Space Needle. I saw they had Hirsch 20 YO and asked the bartender how much? It was $40. I smiled drinking my Makers Mark Manhattan in a martini glass at $9. I asked how often he sold this; he smiled back and told me the previous weekend he had a couple ask for Manhattans made with "their best bourbon". Apparently they were loud and obnoxious, so he pored them 2 "premium" Manhattans. Each of their Manhattans were made with double shots, so each drink was $80; $160 for 2.

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    Re: $80 Manhattan?

    I thought this sort of goofiness only happened in Manhattan. Lordy, lordy.



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