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    Bourbon Tasting in NYC

    Wanna put together a bourbon tasting in NYC for some clients. Would rather introduce people to this rather than the typical Wall St jerk fest (plus wanna add the tired soldiers to the bunker) Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to put one together? Any suggestions on who to lead the tasting? Has anyone led one of these himself and have any good suggestions? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Bourbon Tasting in NYC

    This article of mine might be helpful.

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    Re: Bourbon Tasting in NYC

    Thank you Chuck. Any trips to NYC planned in the rlatively near future when you'd have an available evening? (Sounds like I'm propositioning a hooker) Appreciate all of your help and insight.

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    Re: Bourbon Tasting in NYC

    i have hosted about a dozen bourbon tastings. i think your recipe for success lies in simplicity. limit your tasting to less than 6 bourbons. more than that and people can't remember what they are tasting. less than 4 and people haven't been exposed to enough variety. it's a good idea to have an index card printed up with each bourbon tasted and ample space to write personal tasting notes. in my experience, rye whiskey bourbons have never been a favorite, but do provide contrast to other bourbons. but i live in kentucky, so use your best judgement. i try to include one staple bourbon (maker's mark, wt 101, or beam), one single barrel, one small batch, and one barrel proof. this gives the speaker(host) the opportunity to explain the differences between them and provide valuable information to would-be bourbon aficionados. i hope this helps. i have never hosted a tasting where those invited did not enjoy the experience, so i think you'll enjoy success no matter what. best of luck.

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    Re: Bourbon Tasting in NYC

    I think Cowdery's article and joe1974's suggestions pretty much gives you a great basis. When I host tastings, I often pass around the lovely, glamorous spit bucket and encourage some good old fashioned spitoonin'. Ain't nothin' worse to deaden your tongue than a dead brain from too much tastin'. I always tell folks that they can always come back to their favorites for actual drinkin' at the end, but to save themselves. Don't forget the water!



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