Some of you may be aware that I maintain a web-site devoted to the worship of shot glasses that were given out as a means of advertising whiskey and its purveyors in the period leading up to Prohibition. The site is actually much more than that: it also contains databases that are constantly being updated with information on the old distillers, rectifiers and wholesalers. Information comes from shot and bottle collectors, research texts and often from grandchildren of the original company officers.

The site regularly gets questions from visitors. They typically fall into two groups. The first asks if we have any glasses from a particular company for sale - these usually come from descendants of the company of interest. The second group includes questions along the lines of "I have an unopened bottle of brand X dated 1916. Please can you tell me what it's worth and do you know anyone interested in buying it?" Which is the reason for this posting.

Are there any general guidelines when it comes to determining value -- and is anyone here interested in buying it?

Robin Preston