I am working on some papers from Ed Foote that he collected in his years as Master Distiller for both Seagram's and Stitzel-Weller/Bernheim. There is a list of distilleries in Kentucky given to Julian Van Winkle in 1953. It shows that there were 62 distilleries operating in some form or the other (some were silent that year and were counted for their storage of whiskey). The interesting thing about the list is that it gives the name of the distillery and who owned it. At the end of the list it has a chart of the owners of multiple distilleries.
Schenley - 15
Seagrams - 10
National - 7
Glenmore - 2
Brown-Forman - 3
Park and Tilford - 2
Fleischmann - 1

These are only the Kentucky distilleries owned by these companies. Even so 40 of the 62 distilleries in Kentucky were owned by large firms. The other 22 were independently owned.

Times have changed.

Mike Veach