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    Taste of the Bluegrass:

    Every year, Patty and I attend this fundraiser for God's Pantry. This year was the best of all and Valentine's Ice Cream is why.
    They had three bourbon based frozen desserts.
    1. Excellent: Woodford Reserve Lemon Sorbet: Light, lemony with just hint of bourbon. Kind of like frozen Lynchburg Lemondade only with real bourbon.
    2. Really Good: Makers Mark Bourbon and Strawberry Ice Cream: I had my doubts about strawberries and bourbon, but I became an instant believer. Made with fresh picked local strawberries, I thought I died and went to heaven. Creamy, balanced between sweet and tart and richly flavored with strawberry (not the phony, artificial strawberry like Jolly Rancher)
    3.Darned Good: Bourbon Ball made with Old Forrester bourbon. (He admits its the 86 Proof, which freezes better than higher proof bourbons) Loaded with pecans and chocolate chips, this was really a treat.
    I'll try and bring some samples to the festival in the fall.
    I've had the Early Times Mint Julep and the Manhattan Cherry Cordial and wasn't impressed. They need more kick. (not alchohol but bourbon flavor).
    One of the proprietors, Scott Berryman(no wonder the strawberry is so good)was very interested in our site and having us "test" some new flavors. He's also willing to entertain new ideas. Check out his website
    Valentine's Ice Cream
    In addition to Ice cream, over thirty restaurants were represented. My favorite recipe was a Wild Boar Bolognese with Juniper Berrries from Bella Notte.
    In the spirits category, Wild Turkey poured Kentucky spirit, BT had Eagle Rare, BT and Weller 12, Maker's Mark served Peach Tea, Four Roses had some awful sweet thing, (Jim Rutledge says the Single Barrel will be here before Festival, guaranteed) Southwest Spirits (I think) had grape martinis made with Ciroc, that grape based vodka (pretty good). Overall, a great evening supporting a great cause.

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    Re: Taste of the Bluegrass:

    Ed ,

    Sound like you had a great time. At the least try to get some recipes to us.

    Thanks, nice write up.



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