hello all,
I see a lot of talk about Buffalo Trace and other bourbons that my local liquor store doesn't carry . What do you folks think of the Heaven Hill brand (the one that actually says "Heaven Hill" on it instead of "Evan Williams")? I have tried Heaven Hill white label and also the black label. Being a beginner at drinking bourbon, I think I like the white label better because it has less of a "woody" taste and for some reason seems a bit more mellow (?).

Strangely, I don't see much mention of this bourbon anywhere on the web, but our local store has like 3 rows of it on the shelves, next to the Evan Williams, the Jim Beam white label, and I think Wild Turkey. Of course they have the more expensive single-barrel bourbons, but being a beginner I wanted to start with a $10-$15 bottle... anyhow, I liked the HH white label, wondering if anyone has done a taste comparison with others?