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    Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale

    I don't think Brooklyn Brewery Beer is distributed all over the US (it may be though) so I thought I'd share some pics and impressions with you of some of their 'core brand' brews I recently purchased.

    Tonight we had their Brown Ale. I enjoyed it and Stacy really enjoyed it compared to other brews we have had recently. Oddly enough it has some hop bitterness to it, but in this style I really like it allot. For some reason I just cannot get past the bitterness in IPA's. It poured a nice dark almost mahogany<-(?) color. Not too thick and not too thin, it had a nice balance of 'roasted ingredient' taste (a little chocolate taste was present) and a very palatable bitter finish. This is one of those beers that you could have one too many of rather quickly, especially when served very cold.

    Just in case anyone wants to check out Brookyn Brewery's Website, here's a link. Oddly enough, it is located only a few blocks from where I grew up in Brooklyn... Though I moved from there when I was about 13.
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