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    Old Heaven Hill BIB

    I've been having such a hard time with this forum (damn firewall at work) that I may have forgotten the right name for this whiskey, but just recently spotted Old Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 12 y.o. Can't find references to it in my texts, and am very curious about it. Economical, too, so I'll certainly pick up a bottle, but I wonder if anyone has any specific experience/knowledge/commentary on it?

    And, on another note entirely, my father-in-law died suddenly yesterday. Took us all completely by surprise and broke all our hearts. I toasted the sweet old man with some Old GrandDad 100. He would have loved it, I'm sure, and he was a super granddad himself, to something like 20 grandkids. Cheers, Rich.

    --Jeff Frane

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    Re: Old Heaven Hill BIB

    My deepest sympathies for your loss. Words tend to be of little use at times like this, so I won't bother trying to find the proper ones.
    At the conclusion of work today, I will lift a glass of the Hirsch 16 YO to your father in law's memory. I'm sure others on the group will follow in kind.


    Jim Butler
    Straightbourbon.com Staff

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    Re: Old Heaven Hill BIB


    My sympathies go out to you. My father-in-law also passed earlier this year suddenly after apparently recovering from some health problems. He was a memeber of the Jack Daniels club and we all shared a toast to him from a persaonalized bottled he had obtained.


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    Re: Old Heaven Hill BIB


    My sympathies for your loss.

    As for HH BIB, HH has not generally sold anything under the HH name outside of Kentucky and a couple of other Southern states. There they have a rather extensive line under the HH name, at a variety of proofs and ages. I don't specifically know of a 100 proof/12 year old, but it wouldn't surprise me. HH only makes one bourbon formula, so regardless of what they may call it, you aren't going to get a lot of variation. I doubt this is a new introduction. Probably just a stray bottle that happened to find its way to your local merchant.

    That said, if you usually like HH products you'll probably like this one, and it probably is a good value.

    - chuck

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    Re: Old Heaven Hill BIB

    Damn, Jeff,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your sudden loss. I lost my father-in-law five years ago after a two-year bout with cancer, and I miss him still. He was a lover of Jameson's and Newcastle Brown Ale, and one hell of a guy who was pulling for me against the oppostion of his daughter and his wife. I never forgot that.
    Here's to him, Jeff.

    Lew Bryson
    Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon



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