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    Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky

    Has someone some information about this Canadian Whisky ?
    Tastingnotes? From where it is? etc..
    Every postings are welcome..

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    Re: Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky

    Here are thoughts I previously posted at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beautyeh/

    I decided to post my notes on the new Pendleton blend. I'm comparing it to the CC10, which is probably my least favorate of the CC line, but is the same age.

    Pendleton (Hood River Distillers) 10 year old
    nose: fresh grain and wood influence, after about 5 minutes, nose starts to weaken and become less complex. A sip seems to re-invigorate the nose, with an "aged grain whiskey" aroma
    palate: entry has corn signature, followed by a hint of caramel then becoming a bit bitter, tannins
    finish: very dry, wood, not much grain influence

    Canadian Club Reserve 10 year old
    nose: starts off like grain alcohol then develops a toasty sweetness
    palate: entry, slightly sweet, becomes full with firm wood adding some spice and pepper in the background
    finish: pleasant balance of sweet grain and wood influence then dry at the very end.

    Well, I seemed to like the Pendleton more when I tried it solo. It didn't stack up very well against this CC10. I did have some chocolate a couple hours ago, so perhaps I'm understating their sweetness and overstating the bitterness of the Pendleton. Neither whisky seems to be very complex on the nose, palate or finish.

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    Re: Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky

    Neither whisky seems to be very complex on the nose, palate or finish.

    That is what I would expect from Canadian whiskey. And, no, I do not mean this as an attack. I honestly believe that Canadian whiskey makers are striving for a smooth, bland profile.


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    Re: Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky

    While looking for Internet shops shipping Old Forester BB to Sweden (No luck, so far, Iīm afraid) I chanced upon this :

    PENDLETON 10 Year Old Blended Canadian Whisky (Canada); 40% abv, $26.00
    Importer: Hood River Distillers, Oregon
    Lovely bronze/burnished orange color - impeccable purity; the opening whiffs detect mature, oily/buttery scents of almond butter and oleo margarine - seven more minutes of exposure to air introduce delicate traces of oak resin, pepper, palm oil, and oloroso sherry; the palate entry is succulent and honeyed - by the midpalate stage, the flavor profile has gone BIG in oily texture and honey/sherry-like taste on the tongue; the aftertaste is long, honey sweet, and even a touch toffee-like; what put me over the top in terms of recommended/not recommended was the silky, oily texture and the sherry-like taste; hardly a great Canadian whisky in the league of Crown Royal Special Reserve, but a more than respectable one that deserves attention.

    The adress is : http://www.spiritjournal.com/tastenote.htm

    Havenīt tasted it myself, though...

    Best wishes,




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