Hi -

I'm a novice and have only recently discovered the joys of good bourbon and certain imported whiskies (read: Scotch).

I have a question related to the way taste seems to change over the course of a glass. It seems that the first sip of the evening is always the most flavorful and profound. After that, flavors in the mouth gradually seem to mellow for me. I often begin to feel/taste a buttery or oily texture to the liquor, which--although pleasant in itself--seems a little like the volume has been turned down after the first loud sensations. If I roll a mouthful around, the tip and back of my tongue seem able to sense more of the original flavor, with the buttery sensation more apparent in the center of my mouth.

I wonder if this is the alcohol numbing my tastebuds, but it seems to happen more with bourbon than with Scotch (at least I notice it more), even at the same ABV%. I'm reluctant to water anything down, since I don't care for the diluted taste. I do sip water while drinking, and this helps some.

Does anyone else have this experience? If it is normal and natural, reassurances are welcome!

Thanks for your time -

(PS. Thanks to everyone on this board. Your comments and posts have been helpful as I learn about and shop for bourbon.)