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    My first all-grain homebrew day

    On Sunday I took the leap from extract brewing to all-grain brewing for the first time. Here is the recipe I was following:


    Bell Two Hearted (5 gallon all-grain)

    9# american 2 row malt
    1.5# Vienna 6 row malt
    .75# 40L crystal 6 row malt
    .5 wheat malt

    Mash for 75 minutes at 152F Sparge with 180F water (grain bed to 170F) collect 6.5 gallons. Add 1 oz of centennial hops

    Boil for 90 minutes - add 2.5 oz centennial at 15 min - add 1.5 oz centennial at 30 min - add 2 oz at 80 min - add 2 oz centennial at flame-out - cool to 70F


    Pitch American 1056 starter - 5 days primary add 2oz centennial to secondary 14 days



    I followed this recipe closely, though I substituted my own yeast that I had cultured from the dregs of three bottles or Bell's Two Hearted Ale.

    Here are a few pictures of my brewday:

    My crushed grains prior to mashing:

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