Got my copy of issue 40 of Whisky mag and there is a very nice article by Chuck Cowdery on pages 38-41, best in the mag by far. The article is about Buffalo Trace distillery and its great whiskeys, with some neat background info and photos. I especially liked the part about how Stagg came about. Good work, Chuck! Cheers, Ed V.
Ps. On page 10 of the same issue, there is a picture of Jimmy Russell holding a bottle of Wild Turkey's new Wild Turkey Sherry Signature. It is described as being 10 YO straight bourbon that is then further matured in oloroso sherry casks (their word: I know enough now to say barrels ). The news brief says it will be only available in duty free for around $35. (Sorry, Mark!) They say they will have a tasting review in the next issue of Whisky mag, which is the October issue.