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    July Bottle Collecting Opportunity

    For the rest of July, everything is 25% off at Randall's internetwines.com. You won't find mention of this on the website, however. This is an insider tip I'm passing along to the board -- type "money" as the coupon code during check-out. Don't freak, it's on something like the fourth of five web pages you have to wade through at checkout.

    Plenty of bourbon bargains to be had, including nearly all of Kulsveen's products, including the entire and hard to find Johnny Drum line-up previously sold almost exclusively in Europe and the high-end Noah's Mill and Rowan's Creek.

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    Re: July Bottle Collecting Opportunity


    I just got the same email from Randall's.

    Pretty good opportunity to pick some bourbon. Must be in stock items.

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    Re: July Bottle Collecting Opportunity

    Thanks to your kind post, I have just taken receipt of two fine whiskies, and at a reasonable price; Ancient Ancient Age 10yo and Sazerac Rye. I've not seen either at stores here in MN.



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