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    Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey - Bottled Fall 2003

    I’ve been meaning to do a tasting on last years 2003 release of Sazerac and after some discussion this morning I got out the pen and paper a little bit ago and got to drinking.

    Name: Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

    Info: Unlike previous versions, this one does not contain any distillation info, just a bottled on area which says “Fall 2003”

    Distillery: Distilled, aged and bottled by Sazerac Company, Frankfort, KY. <Buffalo Trace Distillery>

    Cost: $42.99

    Proof: 90 Proof, (45% Alcohol by Volume).

    Bottle: Round, tall skinny bottle with a rather thin neck that is about 4” high. The same bottle is/was also used for Weller 19, Eagle Rare 17, Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10yo and George T. Stagg.

    Color: Copper with a light honey glow around the edges.

    Nose: Very inviting, not too overpowering and not too light. I get an almost ‘floral’ bouquet from it. After writing these notes up, I ran a search to see what others have thought of Sazerac and come to find it I am not the only one who though it was ‘floral’. (Thank God! )

    Taste: Spicy up front but with no real burn in the mouth. It’s a very nice warm mellow spice that compliments the nose very much.

    Finish: After the spice subsides a bit that floral type aroma comes back as well as a bit of mint. Quite dry as well…

    Overall: I really like this year’s release of Sazerac. I have had another one in the past (I think an 01’) and for some reason I seem to like this one better. In the past I always had preferred VWFRR a little bit more, but after having a new bottle of VWFRR a few weeks back and this Sazerac I prefer the Sazerac. It just goes to show how each release can change from year to year, so always be willing to try a different release if one year you found it to be just a little ‘off’. You never know how things may change…
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