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Thread: Mellow Corn

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    Re: Mellow Corn

    Does anyone sell "white dog". I have tasted it too and think its wonderful, a much better vodka alternative in my opinion. If no one does sell it, any guesses as to why not? if someone does, what brand?

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    Re: Mellow Corn

    Depending on how you define "white dog", there are a couple 'em out there.

    Mountain Moonshine is, strictly speaking, a blend... but is certainly
    unaged whiskey. Tasting notes and discussion at:

    Virginia Lightning is also an unaged whiskey. I've been working on some
    tasting notes... maybe in the next week or so I'll write something up
    formally, if I find the time.

    Georgia Moon is ubiquitous, and terrible (by design). Notes at

    I personally think of white dog as unaged whiskey that's designed to be aged...
    thus there are some less-than-smooth flavors in there that will be smoothed
    out during aging. The above-mentioned whiskies were designed to be consumed
    without aging... so some folks would say that they aren't exactly white dog.

    We often say that the various bourbon distilleries should sell their white
    dog, but none of 'em has ever done it.

    Tim Dellinger

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    Re: Mellow Corn

    Hello All,
    I have been watching for Mellow Corn to appear on the shelf for a while now. I finally found it. I am drinking a bit now. It is nice! Not bourbon. Corn Sweetness with a hint of orange pop. Better than the Platte Valley, I think. Have to head to head them soon. Much better than the Georgia Moon.



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