I don't know if I'm just a cheapskate, or a great bargain shopper -- but I sure get a lot of pleasure out of finding an inexpensive bourbon I really enjoy, and there are several.
I've noted before around here that I really like Rebel Yell. Now, recently, I ran across a closeout basket that included some older Ancient Age 90-proof in the taller, slimmer version of today's squat bottles for around $10/750 ml, and I bought it all just on general principle. Good thing, too, because I find myself going back to it with some regularity. It's not quite up to the AAA 10yo (86 proof), but not far off, either -- a little tangier on the finish, maybe, a nice offset to the sweetness otherwise.
Now, I like Stagg maybe as well as anything, and I have open bottles of BMH, Hirsch, Noah's Mill -- so I've nothing against the dearer stuff. But I really feel like I've beaten the system when I pour my cheap AA.