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Thread: Guilty Pleasure

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    Re: Guilty Pleasure

    Safeway Select for $7.99 on sale is a hard one to beat. Picked up the first bottle just to have something around for the whiskey and coke folks, but I find myself drinking it more than them. I'll be picking this one up every time I see at this price. BTW, does anybody know who makes this for Safeway? As mentioned in an older post it's bottled in San Jose but nobody seemed to know for sure who distilled it.


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    Re: Guilty Pleasure

    I fully concur here with the couple of votes for Old Fitz 1849. And I've come to think of Evan Williams 1783 as 'EWSB Jr.' -- if you could strip the outer veneer off of EWSB, the 1783 is what you'd get.

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    Re: Guilty Pleasure

    Chances are it's HH from my experience with grocery chain house labels. One here in St Louis even says that it was HH bourbon bottled by David Sherman here in St Louis. I wonder if you can get Piggly Wiggly Bourbon?

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    Re: Guilty Pleasure

    I just went to mexico for a quick day trip and picked up a 1 Liter bottle of Wild Turkey 8yo for 13 bucks. im guilty for living so close to the source of this great deal.



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