I finally managed to get my BT after much searching and I couldn't get home quick enough, I opened it straightaway and couldn't believe how nice it was, nice and mellow with what tasted to me like a hint of a flower like taste, reminded me of juniper berries. Much to my horror the next day I was covered a rash which kept getting worse over the next few days! I went on holiday to the coast for a few days and it still didn't clear, so I decided to go to the doctor and find out what I had, "that's an allergic reaction sir" he said. I couldn't believe it, after all that hunting for it, the stuff was making me ill!! I could have cried. Anyway, cut a long story short, I went to another doctor a few days later (not liking what the other doctor said!) and he told me I had pityriasis (harmless rash, that takes a few weeks to clear) I could have kissed the man, I was so pleased I poured myself a large glass the minute I got home! A close call indeed.