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    Stone Brewing Co., North County San Diego - Smoked Porter

    Bob has asked if anyone has tried Stone's IPA before, but I finally got to try their Smoked Porter. I've had mixed feelings about porters because some I find to be not powerful enough when it comes to bitterness and others have been 'off the hook' bitter (overly bitter) with a finish that makes one gag. This one from Stone seems to walk that fine line in-between both. Typical porter color and aroma but the initial taste is actually quite different and good. It's hard for me to explain the taste, but I do get somewhat of a smoked flavor in it but not like a fire roasting of the ingredients smoke flavor. Almost reminds me of the way a red pepper tastes different when you fire roast the skin for making fire roasted salsa. After a few seconds it finishes with a more typical porter flavor but still not too powerful.

    A bottle from Stone Brewing that I am saving for Bob's next visit is their Arrogant Bastard Ale. Bob's a hop head from hell, so read their site and you'll understand why I am saving to open that one with him!

    Also, if you care to check out some of their other brews, visit Stone's website here.
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