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    Sierra Nevada Stout

    Well, here's a brew that I am sure many people can relate to. Though not as popular as their Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada still makes other wonderful brews. After tasting this stout I think that it, possibly along with some other great SN brews, receives not enough mention in the SN Pale Ale frenzy. A wonderful stout with a dark color, nice head and roasted yet sweet malty flavors mixed in. Yep, I think that's why I liked it so much. It retained a nice hoppy finish while also managing to blend in perfectly some sweetness. A real smooth drinker I enjoyed this one on what was quite a hot and humid night some days back. If you enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale give their other brews a chance... And write back here on what you think of them!
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    Re: Sierra Nevada Stout

    As a friendly "replique", here is my take on Victory Storm King Imperial Stout. I may have described it before, but craft beer (as for whiskey) can vary bottle to bottle. This stout is brewed by the reputed Victory of Downington, PA. 9.1% abv.

    Color: ebony black with faintest amber edges

    Nose: Worcester sauce with fresh fermentation smells (fresh yeast) behind, light chocolate and roasted odors

    Taste: roasted malt, smooth and silky yet very flavorful, slowly unrolling flavors with a fruity undertone all melding into a barley sweetness that is lightly hopped with flowery, lightly acidic-type hops, just saving the drink from being too rich.

    This is as good as stout gets: surely what export Irish stout was like in the 1800's. The only thing "lacking" is the "horseblanket" (lactobacillus) tang that many Imperial stouts have but this one does very well without (Rogue Imperial generally shows that taste, old leather it can be called).

    A brewery near Toronto, Wellington County, has just released a batch of its Imperial Russian Stout. I may bring a six pack to Gazebo - somehow it may go well in the Kentucky night with all that great whiskey. Unfortunately, I can't find any more Lot 40 (Canadian pot still rye) - been to numerous outlets, everybody's out. In reserve in case I can't find it are a 21 year old Jamaican pot still rum aged in the cellars of Bristol, England - Monymusk. So that's a possible alternative, that or some of the Decade Series of Macallan - or all of the above.




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