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    OGD BIB compared to Straight Rye

    Hey everyone,

    I've been anxious for a while to try a rye such as WT's rye, which is one of the few available here in NC.

    However, I worked my way through a pint of OGD BIB and am now wondering if I should rethink this. I'm not sure why I didn't care for the OGD, maybe it seemed harsher than other bourbons I have tried. I understand that it has a very heavy rye content, so is it likely I will draw the same conclusion about a straight rye?

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    Re: OGD BIB compared to Straight Rye

    Good question but in fact the "rye" component of OGD is IMO quite different to how it tastes in straight ryes and indeed other rye-recipe bourbons. There are so many variables that each drink ends up being unique. Wild Turkey rye is a robust drink that has honeyed edges too. The rye taste comes out like a spearmint-like taste, which I don't get from OGD (there it seems more husky/grainy to me). It is good on its own, very good in Manhattans, and super also with ginger ale.


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    Re: OGD BIB compared to Straight Rye

    Don't let it put you off. I find I generally like straight ryes (some more than others, of course -- VWFFR and WT being faves), but don't like high-rye bourbons (think the current Bulleitt) all that much.
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