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James, How do the 4 Copas offerings compare to El Tesoro?

Since buying a bottle of El Tesoro repasado and a bottle of the blanco the Gran Centenario tequilas taste sweet, too sweet, even the blanco. My wife even commented on how sweet the GC blanco tasted when I gave her a sip of the El Tesoro and then had her try the GC. A few days ago she even requested that I make our Margaritas with the ET platinum. We've never made them at home and I can't recall having one in a restaurant. I used a 2:1:1 ratio. I had mine straight up and she had hers on the rocks. I liked it, but she thought they were a bit too strong with tequila. She liked it better after the ice melted some. I plan on experimenting further when we have tacos for supper again.
ILLfarmboy, I can't recall the 4 Copas well enough to make an honest comparison. As it was the first tequila that I've had that didn't taste like rot-gut so I was obviously impressed. It got me to go out and try all these others since then. The 4 Copas was not available in my area so I haven't had the opportunity to try it again. I just remember it having a citrus flavor and not being too sweet for sure.

If I ever have the pleasure again I'll report back the new findings.