First, I would like to say thanks to everyone for revisiting a previous topic. I've been lurking on the site and boards for awhile as my interest in Bourbon has been increasing, but I haven't posted. It seems the longer and farther I'm away from the midwest (born in Cincinnati) the more I'm interested in taking some of it with me. So even though wine is the drink of choice here in California (and I have had some wonderful wines) I'm really interested in exploring bourbons more.

So, my question. I have been trying out Makers Mark and Knob Creek for awhile to get a sense of their differences (wheat vs. rye, high proof vs low proof) and I tend to drink them both on the rocks (though the MM with a lot less ice, just a cube, mostly because it can be so hot here in the summer). To expand a little more I'm thinking of buying a bottle of Woodford Reserve. Is this a good choice? value? If not what might provide a nice contrast to the Knob's Creek?

Thanks for all your help, past and present!