After some discussion with the power to be, there have been some rules to this contest. The first and most important is that you only get one shot at answering the questions. The contest will last for one week and the person to find the right answers first will win the bottle. If nobody gets them all right, then the person with the most right answers will win. In case of a tie, then the person who posted first will win. Now, Let the game begin!

1) Who or what was "Miss Dixie"?

2) Brown-Forman did not build the Early Times Distillery in Shiveley. What was it before they bought it and what year did they buy it?

3) W.L. Weller and Bro. was founded in 1849. What was the name of the brother?

4)Who was I W Bernheim's brother-in-law?

5) There were three large brands of Tennessee whisky before prohibition with Cascade and Old No.7 being two of the brands - who was the third distiller and what was his brand?

6) Evan Williams was a distiller in Louisville in the late 18th and early 19th centuries - how many stills did he own and what were their capacity?

7)What year did Ancient Age first appear in the market?

8) Who was the brother in James Thompson and Bro.?

9) What was the "Old Blue House"?

10) "She was bred in old Kentucky" was a slogan for what whiskey?

Have fun. I will post the answers after we have a winner. You have until next Monday night to get your answers together.

Mike Veach