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Thread: Monte Cristo #2

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    Monte Cristo #2

    Just a quick note.
    Received via the UK some nice Monte Cristo #2's. I planned on letting them rest for a couple of weeks and bring them to the festival, but the oily, smooth dark wrappers and the leathery, cedar aroma grabbed me and I couldn't resist.
    Paired with Weller Antique 107, I had a fine Kentucky Indian Summer Day on Sunday.
    This sl larger than corona sized cigar is perfectly made and lit easily. Toasted nuts and rich chocolate on the first few draws. As the better than average ash grew, a heavier peppery and spice flavor dominated. The draw was smooth and produced moderates amounts of fragrant smoke. About halfway, this cigar took on a leather and char note, full bodied till the end. How can one cigar have so many personalites. I have a few of these left.
    Nice Herf.

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    Re: Monte Cristo #2

    My first taste of this fine cigar came on Friday night of the bourbon festival. It was very nice, but with so much bourbon flowing, it was hard to concentrate just on the cigar. Last night I paired another Montecristo #2 with a healthy pour of George T. Stagg '04. I have said it before, but Stagg has to be the perfect "cigar bourbon", especially the '02 bottling. I believe this is due to the heavy cigar tones in the nose and palate, but also becuase the residual sweetness tempers the more savory flavors of the cigar.

    The MC#2 is a torpedo shaped cigar, open on one end and pointed on the other. It smelles of the finest horse-stalls in all of Havana. After a quick toasting it lit instantly and stayed so evenly for the duration. The draw was effortless in the beginning, becomming a bit constrained toward the middle, and opening up again on the back third. Nice cedar and nutty notes paired well with vanilla and maple in the bourbon. The cigar turned slightly peppery about half-way through but smoothed out like butter at the end. When it was over I wanted to reach for another, but thought they would be better saved for another day.

    The MC#2 is by far the best ISOM I have tried to date. Perfect balance of taste and aroma. I just wish these were available at Schwaab's or Liquor Barn.



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