Last night I was enjoying some Weller 19YO - I so love that whisky. Anyway I was marvelling particularly at how unique it is. I can't describe it: dates ? almonds ?

It got me thinking about those whiskies I've tasted that are the most unique (not my favourites necessarily). In no particular order:

Sazerac Rye (floral ultra smooth black cherries and amazing)
Weller 19YO
Van Winkle Special Reserve 12YO lot b (potent)
Jack Daniel single barrel (definitely not what I expected).
Jack Daniel no 7 (tastes like JD !)
Mellow Corn
Talsiker 10YO (A taste of the Skye coastline)
Lagavulin 16YO (Lapsong Souchong tea, iodine and sherry but it tastes good !)
Highland Park 12/18YO
Macallan Cask Strength (savage sherry)

BTW, apologies for mixing whiskies in post.

Cheers, B.