I don't think I'd pay $74 for EC 18, but would certainly keep an eye out for a relative bargain or an opportunity to taste.

But I have to ask - if EC 18 is $74, how much is Weller 19?

The Weller 19YO ranges from $84 (which I paid) to around $115. Yo have to remember a bottle of JB white label cost $26 here ! Generally most American whisky I drink costs about $40-$60 a bottle.

I paid $185 for a bottle of Stagg 2003 (still unopened - waiting for big event)

I am not a rich man, but I don't resent paying those prices for Bourbon. It brings me a lot of pleasure - especially in our cold climate !! With the Weller 19YO, its not just a great, delicious drink, but a piece of history.