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Thread: Ezra B 15?

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    Re: Ezra B 15?

    It was made by David Sherman Corp. of St. Louis with bourbon they bought from who-knows-where? (HH is always a good guess in these situation, but not a sure thing.) It has been replaced by a 12yo, though the 15yo is still on store shelves. For example, it's scattered around here and there in Middle Tennessee -- probably about 50-50 between the 15yo and 12yo in stores. Obviously, the 15yo will gradually disappear.

    Ezra Brooks brands by David Sherman Corp.

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    Re: Ezra B 15?

    I find the Ezra B 12 to be the most undrinkable whiskey in my collection. I can't describe the objectionable flavors, but to me it just tastes bad.

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    Re: Ezra B 15?

    Tonight I finished off the last of my last bottle of Ezra B 15yo. I also have a new bottle of Ezra B 12yo so I did the side-by-side taste test. I have to agree with the assessment of the others on this board. The Ezra B 15yo was rich and delicious...a wonderfully balanced bourbon full of flavors. The 12yo seems like a completely different whiskey...it rather astringent, and just plain doesn't taste very good. And it's visibly lighter than the 15yo. What a disappointement! And now I have no more 15yo and a bottle of this 12yo that I have to get through.



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