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    Re: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Dave, some of these posts need to be taken with a grain of salt, I think the Bourbon testing service offered by some ( I think I may have offered once, You know it was probably for Stagg or OFBB only!) Is another attempt at humour by some of us aspiring Bourbon Critic/ Writers. It would take a Low Life Son of a Bitch to send a tainted bottle to any of us here. The last time I looked I don't think we have a resident LLSOB yet. You have a good point otherwise. There was a couple instances and long threads here in the past about a bad bottle of Weller and I think Linn got a bottle that he wasn't thrilled with and both where replaced if I recall correctly, and the Weller went back to Buffalo Trace to be tested. Now the question is , do they only do that with scientific instruments or is it actually tasted? I guess they could have used nosing only and that would be accurate enough.

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    Re: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Hi Bobby!

    I don't know what the other distilleries do but I know what Heaven Hill does...

    Every tank has a test sample taken from it before it's bottled...everything must meet certain specks before the bottling can be done...I have watched this process all the time...It's Kim's job (night shift)...She stays very busy...She does the same with the single barrel bottlings...a massive and very intense job...plus proofing the lines. That means cooking the "sweets" (liquors, snapps etc.) each one (sweets) takes about 30 minutes each to proof...

    When a product is sent back...they will test the color proof etc...then...they get the original sample taken from the tank before it was bottled...You are probably wondering how do they know which tank that particular bourbon came from?...There is a "jet" printed date (on the side of the bottle) this is called the Julian date...it tells the exact date it was bottled...then...it just a matter of looking up the papers for the tank number...

    After all the numbers are in...then the final test comes into place...It's our taste testers...Hell, Mike Sonne is so good at testing he can tell ya the proof age and what ever ya need to know about it...that's how good of a tester is...

    If Mike, Chris, David, and Millard say it fine ...it's fine...We have called him (Mike) in the middle of the night to taste test certain items in question...

    Oh Well, I hope this helps...

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: Old Fitzgerald BIB


    Your post caused me to think about another angle. If my OWR was really as bad as I say it was (cauliflower, with notes of boiled chicken livers), anyone I might have sent it to might well have believed I was the one who tainted it, causing me to be labeled a LLSOB without good reason (this time ).

    In retrospect, I probably should have asked Bettye Jo how to send it to the official taster at HH for evaluation. I'm absolutely sure it just wasn't right.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Upon the suggestion of one of the learned members here I tried the Old Fitz 1849 8yo. since I've expressed how much I like the Nicholson 1843BIB, 7yo. I haven't had a chance to try the Old Fitz BIB, of which the KY-1 batch is all I can find. While it was quite good, I like the 1843 better than the Old Fitz 1849. The 1843 is very rich and smooth with a bit of that "cracker jack" flavor I've heard described for the OF BIB (no peanuts that I can tell however). The 1843 is the DSP-KY-16. Some VERY fine stuff, I must say.

    Is this DSP-KY-16 a limited item that I might ought to stock up on? And also, wouldn't it be the exact same as the Old Fitz BIB except 3 years longer in cask?


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    Re: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Anything with DSP-KY-16 on it is rare and getting rarer, because they aren't making any more of it. Yes, grab it up.



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