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Thread: Eagle Rare

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    Eagle Rare

    I was a little short of funds the other day when I found a bottle of Eagle Rare Bourbon (10yo) for $19.95. I decided to give it a try. This
    good bourbon. I don't know much about tasting descriptions and nosing etc, it's just damn good bourbon. The label says it is
    bottled by Old Prentice Company in Frankfort, KY. Anyone know anything about this bourbon? For the price it is hard to beat.


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    Re: Eagle Rare

    Eagle Rare is produced by Sazerac at the Ancient Age distillery in Frankfort. I 've never had the stuff, but the Regan's actually rate it higher than Hirsch 16 YO. Another member of the board emailed me privately saying he wouldnt recommend it to fellow bourbon drinkers.
    Clearly, I need to settle this issue for myself! Guess I'm off to the store.


    Jim Butler

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    Re: Eagle Rare

    I had a friend visit for a few days at Christmas. He brought a bottle of Eagle Rare 101 proof, 10 YO. We tried it on at least two nights along with Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Elija Craig 18 YO, and several everyday brands. The Eagle Rare is vey smooth, does not taste like a 101 proof bourbon. Clean at first taste, but with a very pronounced sweetness carrying over into a long sweet aftertaste. No barrel smokiness or charcoal flavor. Makes one wonder how they got this combination. In the end, the folks who appreciated a clean smooth taste gravitated toward to Woodford, the more full bodied lovers stayed with the Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Evan Williams Single Barrel. Just too much sweetness for me, but taste do differ and your mileage may vary.

    Later we came upon a bottle of Blanton's. So far for me this is the smoothness king. Many subtle flavors that dance lightly on the toung. I cannot make the judgement of which is the clear winner here. Having bottles of all of these in the house it still comes down to variety and mood in selecting the bourbon(s) of the evening.

    If anyone does wish to try the Eagle Rare, pick up a small bottle. My store did have the 375 ml size.

    Mark A. Mason, El Dorado, Arkansas

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    Re: Eagle Rare

    I know the Regan's love Eagle Rare. I like it but have never been as enthusiastic as they. For one thing, Sam's is about the only place in Chicago where I can find it. Binny's is closer and I usually can find something there I want to drink. Eagle Rare flows from the same still as Blanton's and at 10 years, it ought to be good. If you haven't tried it you should (not you Mark, since I know you already have, but the rest of you), especially for the price.

    - chuck



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