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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Nice stash Greg. Where'd ya get all that Old Fitz?
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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Surprisingly, D.C. has quite a few stores that have older SW Old Fitz BIB sitting on the shelves. In fact, if you look at Sijan's latest entry, he too found a number of bottles of Old Fitz. I'm headed back into D.C. next week to poke around.
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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Greg, very nice.... and my wife thinks I am compulsive!!
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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Not where I keep my bottles, I just put what bourbons I have there for the purpose of the picture. There is a bottle missing, my EW Green Label which is in the kitchen. I was mixing a marinade with it earlier. The shot glasses represent about half I have collected.

    The red wine. Iím a few bottles down as you can see.

    The wine fridge in the dinning room for the white wines and the Blue Moon Belgian White beer.

    I have a few of these. My collection may not be a big as some, but what I have is good stuff. And the wet bar isn't very big so I've had to adjust to accomodate the various things. My collection contains several glasses, tumblers, and steins that are collectors peices but that will have to wait for another day.

    Oh, and sorry about the picture size, I didn't realize they would be that large.
    "You can't bluff an idiot." T. J. Cloutier

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Here's mine. No pics yet.

    A.H. Hirsch 16 year old
    Basil Hayden
    Black Maple Hill
    Black Maple Hill 21 year old
    Black Maple Hill 23 year old
    Blantonís Single Barrel
    Colorado Whiskey
    Corner Creek Reserve
    Eagle Rare
    Elijah Craig
    Elijah Craig 12 year old
    Elijah Craig 18 year old single barrel
    Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel
    Evan Williams black label
    Evan Williams Single Barrel
    Ezra Brooks black label
    George T. Stagg
    Hancock Reserve Single Barrel
    Jeffersonís Reserve
    Jim Beam Black 8 year old
    Jim Beam Green 5 year old
    Jim Beam White label
    Kentucky Vintage
    Knob Creek
    Makers Mark
    Mitchterís Small Batch
    Michterís 10 year old single barrel
    Noahís Mill
    Old Bardstown
    Old Fitzgerald Very Special 12 year old
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon
    Old Forester Signature
    Old Grand Dad 114
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 year old
    Pappy Van Winkle 20 year old
    Peter Jakeís Private Keep 10 year old
    Pogue Masters Select
    Rebel Yell
    Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel
    Rowans Creek
    Russellís Reserve
    Sam Houston Very Small Batch
    Van Winkle 12 year old
    Vintage Bourbon
    Wild Turkey 101
    Wild Turkey American Spirit
    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
    Wild Turkey Rare Breed
    Willets Bourbon
    Willett Single Barrel Family Reserve 25 year old (88 of 96)
    W.L. Weller Centennial
    W.L. Weller
    W. L. Weller 12 year old
    Woodford Reserve
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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    My humble beginning. Please disregard the gf's one bottle of alcohol free wine
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    "loud clutches save lives"

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Michael, that's a fine collection. It's great to see someone who knows what they drink and stocks their bar accordingly.

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Looking back over this thread and seeing some impressive bunkers/stashes. Some unique bottles and some great looking old bottles. Saw my pic on p. 14. Boy, I've accumulated a few more. I'll have to get out the camera. It will take some work as the bunker is stuffed into a basement closet. And a box in the garage--gotta bring that in as the weather warms up as the garage gets pretty hot in the summer; that can't be good for whisky. I'll try to include the single malts and tequilas, too.
    "A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it."

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Here is the 'stash', the only (temporarily) inviolable bottle I have:
    Fact is, I have pondered bringing it to the Sampler later this month as a prop, but feared some over-zealous soul might pop the top -- which will eventually happen, of course, but on MY schedule. For now, it will remain at home.
    For the record, it was distilled in 1969, bottled in 1975. And the 'wrapping' around the cork is nothing more than Parafilm-M, which I use to preclude evaporation. The seal is intact.

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    As I've said before, it's not how big it is, it's how you use it.

    First the liquor cabinet. It's not very large, but it's an antique, having been in my wife's family for several generations.
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