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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Special Reserve View Post
    Here's to an Irish beat down next Saturday.
    Well the game was not exactly a "beat down" but it was one great football game. Lots of emotion and ups and downs for both sides during the contest.

    There's an old football saying such as "the last team with the ball usually wins." Well, more accurately it should be "the last team to score usually wins."

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    Re: Show Us Your Stash -- Version 2

    OK, so this isn't my entire stash obviously - those pics will come soon now that I have all the individual pictures taken - but I just couldn't help but chuckle to myself when photographing this one and seeing the price tag it still had on it: $15.99! (since removed)

    Bottom date on the bottle is 77, and judging from how dark it is I'd say probably more than 7 years old so likely distilled in the late 60s. It isn't any (V)VOF, but I bet it'll still be damn tasty! ... Look for it at a gazebo table near you around 2017, or 2012 if it really looks like we're all goners!
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