Looking through old posts I saw a number of threads reviewing specific books, but none addressing the overall question:

What books belong in a good whiskey library? I'm most interested in books that are relatively easily available.

I've got a handful, including Murray's Complete Guide to World Whiskey, Classic Bourbon, Tennessee and Rye, and Classic Blended Scotch; Jackson's Single Malt guide, and Hills' Appreciating Whisky. And just today I placed an order with Amazon that should bring me American Still Life, Murray's Classic Irish Whiskey and 2004 Whiskey Bible, The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible, and, of course, Chuck Cowdery's Bourbon, Straight.

That should keep me busy for a while but nevertheless, I would like opinions: what else do you recommend?

Particularly with regard to Scotch, there are lots of "coffee table" type books out there with pretty pictures but not much solid information. I am hoping by your recommendations to separate wheat from chaff.


Chuck King