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    Re: A Good Whiskey Library

    On reading this thread I thought I would update the contents of my “bourbon library” that I had listed in August of 2003. Since then I have had three main additions Gary and Mardee Regan’s “The Book of Bourbon And Other Fine American Whiskeys” (I found a brand new signed copy of the book on E-bay.), F. Paul Pacult’s “American Still Life – The Jim Beam Story and the Making of the World’s #1 Bourbon”, and of course Chuck’s new book, “Bourbon, Straight – The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey” (A must read - I received it in the mail on a Thursday and had it all read over the next weekend.). In addition to these but not listed would be various magazine articles and newsletters obtained over the years.

    Reading and learning about bourbon, its industry, its history, and maybe must fascinating its people continues to bring interest and enjoyment to me.

    Here is my current Bourbon Library:

    Books by people in the industry or report on the industry:

    “But Always Fine Bourbon – Pappy Van Winkle and the story of Old Fitzgerald” by Sally Van Winkle Campbell [1999, Limestone Lane Press] (signed by Sally Van Winkle Campbell and Julian P. Van Winkle III)

    “Maker’s Mark My AUTOBIOGRAPHY” by Bill Samuels, Jr. [2000, Saber Publishing] (signed by Bill Samuels, Jr.)

    “The Evolution of the BOURBON Whiskey Industry In Kentucky” by Sam K. Cecil [1999,2000, Turner Publishing Company] (signed by Sam K. Cecil)

    “American Still Life – The Jim Beam Story and the Making of the World’s #1 Bourbon” by F. Paul Pacult. [2003, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.]

    “Bourbon, Straight – The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey” by Charles K. Cowdery. [2004, Charles K. Cowdery] (signed by Charles K. Cowdery)

    Books that evaluate and rank the different bourbons:

    ”The Book of Bourbon And Other Fine American Whiskeys” by Gary and Mardee Regan. [1995, Chapters Publishing Ltd.] (signed by Gary and Mardee Regan)

    “The Bourbon Companion – A Connoisseur’s Guide” by Gary and Mardee Haiden Regan. [1998, Running Press Book Publishers]

    “Classic BOURBON Tennessee & Rye Whiskey” by Jim Murray [1998, Prion Books Limited]

    “The Complete Guide to Whiskey – Selecting, Comparing, and Drinking the World’s Great Whiskeys” by Jim Murray [1997, Carlton Books]

    “The Classic WHISKEY HANDBOOK – An essential Companion to the World’s Finest Whiskies” by Ian Wisniewski [1998, Anness Publishing Limited]

    Books on general bourbon history:

    “The Social History of Bourbon – An Unhurried Account of Our Star-Spangled American Drink” by Gerald Carson [1963, Dodd, Mead & Company]

    “The Spirit of Old Kentucky” by James Boone Wilson [1945, Glenmore Distilleries Company, Incorporated]


    “Made & Bottles in Kentucky – The Story of Bourbon Whiskey” documentary film by Charles K. Cowdery [1992, Charles Kendrick Cowdery] (in DVD format)

    I’m always looking out for new additions.


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    Re: A Good Whiskey Library

    Quite a nice list. Ben just gave me THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF BOURBON as a gift. I haven't cracked it, yet. Still reading and rereading passages from Chuck' book.



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